Start activating the data you collect.
The Sayl Interaction Builder helps you interact with your audiences in many new ways, without the need of new development.
Customer identification across channels
Sayl helps you to make the best out of your data by implementing a multidisciplinary set of identification methods that run against the collected data.
Sayl brings interacting with your audience to a new level. Push notifications, emails, text messages, Whatsapp, chat messages, unattended interactions on kiosks, payment terminal interactions: all that can be personalised will be personalised.
Every interaction with the customer is an opportunity for a sale, and this without being intrusive or pushy. Whether the customer is visiting your webshop, whether he is talking to your shop associate or interacting with a kiosk. The Sayl platform will send recommendations both online and in-store.
The Sayl Interaction Builder
An activation layer for digital managers
and savvy marketeers
Customer Experience builder
The Sayl interaction builder lets you create Customer Experiences without any development. The builder is a workflow interface where you can indicate upon which event or interaction the system must react, and what action or actions must be performed then. Unlimited possibilities are at your disposal. Contact us for a demo!
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Custom audiences
Create custom audiences based on context, behavior and transactional data. Automatically assign customers to cohorts based on interactions.
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Optimise & Personalise in real-time
The Sayl platform uses data to drive commerce.
The customer can use any device
The customer can use their mobile, they can be on a kiosk, on a tablet, on a virtual wall, on a tabletop device, they can be literally be everywhere.
User Interactions are the basis
The Sayl platform eats events and interactions for breakfast (and lunch and dinner too in fact).
Customer data is unified across channels
Our identification algorithms constantly unify the data of the customer throughout many channels, both digital as in-store or in-restaurant.
Work all over the world
The scalable cloud architecture is fully headless and can fit in your own technology stack, wherever you are based.
KPIs and reports
Reports consist of all the details and data that you need. You can use them to analyze your productivity or share with colleagues.
Use multiple integrations
Sayl integrates with your existing technology stack its headless setup is built with integrations in mind.