Unified data & commerce
in multiple verticals
Sayl collects data, personalizes offers and increases revenue in these verticals
Data collection, online to offline commerce, unifying data, in-store identification and tracking, payments
Data collection, online ordering, in-store ordering at kiosk, ordering at table, ECR integrations, payments
Classic brands
Direct To Consumer commerce, in-store customer engagement campaigns
Sayl. Commerce evolved.
Let us speed up the roll-out of your transactional business model
Modular & headless
Our commerce platform provides you +100 functional blocks that can be used in an unlimited range of customer journeys
Fully Cloud based
We use leading cloud vendors like Amazon to provide high availability, speed and performance also during peak traffic
Data is key
We identify your customers in every channel they are using. We collect data and our algorithms use this to come with personalised offers.
Make integrations easy
Our Raw API makes data modelling and integrating your data sources a walk in the park.
Support for any channel
Endless aisles in store via kiosks? Shopping walls? Alexa skills? Messenger bots? Whatever the channel, we support it.
Our commerce platform focuses on helping to build transactions online or offline. Whether you have a complex model or a simple one.